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Book Description

Lots of dangerous people want this scumbag dead, but one of them is a cop…

When organized crime boss Garrison Franco is gunned down in the street, the police think they know who did it—Jorge Castellano, one of their own homicide detectives, whose wife was threatened by Franco. The police detectives think Castellano has resorted to vigilante justice; Castellano claims he’s been framed. The desperate detective hires his best friend, Mexican-American private investigator Carlos “Chuck” McCrary, to find out who framed him for the murder. But to do that, Chuck has to discover the real killer. Was it a mafia hitman?

Chuck uncovers a mysterious teenager who ran away from an abusive foster home who may have the witnessed the assassination. But the boy doesn’t trust anyone and won’t tell Chuck what he saw.

Chuck’s prime suspect is Ted Rayburn, a disgraced, former police detective and convicted blackmailer, now out of jail and plying his trade again. Three of Rayburn’s uber-rich blackmail victims with shameful secrets and millions of dollars at stake, want to hire Chuck to kill Rayburn. He says, “I’m no assassin,” and refuses, but days later Rayburn is found shot to death, murdered with Chuck’s gun. Chuck is arrested for murder.

Now Chuck must not only find out who killed Franco and framed his friend Castellano for the hit, but must solve the new murder or face a lifetime in prison himself. His efforts to untangle the web of fabricated evidence in both cold-blooded murders take him from the crime-filled streets of a South Florida ghetto to the waterfront mansions and lofty condos of the mega wealthy in pursuit of the mysterious and elusive killers.

To clear his name, Chuck may have to resort to his own vigilante justice.

Chuck must deal with millionaires and billionaires on the one hand and hoodlums and drug dealers on the other.

Page count: 322 pages
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Total page count (both books): 618 pages

Book Description

Super Bowl Week is supposed to be fun, right? One mafia boss sees it as a way to make a killing…

Port City is hosting the New York Jets and the Dallas Cowboys in the first Super Bowl in its new billion-dollar stadium. Private investigator Chuck McCrary’s old friend from high-school football, Bob Martinez, is starting quarterback for the Jets.

One week before the game, Martinez’s supermodel fiancée, Graciela, disappears from the Super Bowl headquarters hotel. Was she kidnapped?

Martinez hires Chuck to find her, but he won’t let Chuck involve the police. That same day the odds on the Super Bowl game change dramatically when someone bets a hundred million dollars on the Cowboys to beat the point spread.

Chuck discovers that Graciela has a twisted secret that threatens her life, regardless of the outcome of the game. Was she really kidnapped, or did she run away from her own shameful secret? Martinez also has a dangerous secret that threatens to destroy his multi-million-dollar career in the NFL.

To save Graciela’s life, mob boss Vicente Vidali demands that Martinez shave the point spread on the Super Bowl, so Vidali can collect on his hundred-million-dollar gamble.

Chuck’s search for Graciela takes him from the dangerous streets of a Port City ghetto to the waterfront high-rises and private island mansions of billionaires, movie stars, and crime bosses. Chuck must assault the mob boss’s mega-yacht, risking his own life in a breathtaking invasion to bring her to safety.

When Vidali counter-attacks, Chuck must take the fight to the organized crime boss’s fortress headquarters, a mansion hidden on an island paradise.

Page count: 296 pages
Boxed set delivered instantly to your digital reader
Total page count (both books): 618 pages

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