Quarterback Trap, the third Carlos McCrary mystery, is at the editor

Quarterback Trap teaser
Port City is excited to be hosting the New York Jets and the Dallas Cowboys in the first Super Bowl in its fabulous, new billion-dollar stadium. Chuck McCrary=s old friend from high-school football, Bob Martinez, is starting quarterback for the Jets.
One week before the game, Martinez’s supermodel fiancée, Graciela, disappears in the middle of the night from the headquarters hotel of the Super Bowl. Martinez hires Chuck to find her, but won’t let Chuck involve the police.
That same day the odds on the Super Bowl game change dramatically when someone bets a hundred million dollars on the Cowboys to beat the point spread. Is it Vicente Vidali, the New Jersey casino owner and mob boss? Did he kidnap Graciela?
Chuck discovers that Graciela has a secret that places her life in danger, regardless of the outcome of the game. Was she really kidnapped, or did she run away from her own secret life? Martinez also has a dangerous secret that threatens to destroy his multi-million-dollar career in the NFL.
To save Graciela’s life, Vicente Vidali demands that Martinez shave the point spread on the Super Bowl, so Vidali can collect on his hundred-million-dollar bet.
Chuck’s search for the missing supermodel takes him from the dangerous streets and drug dealers of a Port City ghetto to the waterfront high-rises and private island mansions of billionaires, movie stars, and crime moguls.
Chuck must assault the mob boss’s mega-yacht, risking his own life to bring Graciela to safety. Then he must invade Vidali’s luxurious island mansion and take the fight to the mobster’s home.