Lake County Library Book Fest 2014

I am looking forward to attending several of the events of the Lake County Library Book Fest this week. First, I am attending a session from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. today where best-selling author Lisa Black will provide a glimpse into the world of forensic science and the characters who inhabit that world.

Then, on Wednesday, March 12, I will attend Authors Going Rogue from 2:00 to 4;00 p.m. Mystery Writers of America authors Julie Compton, Vicki Landis and Ann Meier will discuss why some authors have left traditional publishing for the wild world of DIY. Today, authors who want to get published have many options. This workshop will focus on the two most prevalent—traditional publishing and self – publishing, as well as the respective pros and cons.

I’ve learned a lot about writing by attending events such as these and listening to other successful writers.