Yesterday’s Trouble (book 7)
A Carlos McCrary, Private Investigator, Mystery Thriller

A Country Singer, An NBA Superstar, And A Cyber-stalker
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Cleo is a rising young country singer who just wants to make music for her thousands of new fans. NBA superstar Marvelous LeMarvis Jones, Cleo’s fiancé, bankrolls her first concert tour. Things are upended when an unbalanced cyber-stalker takes issue with the couple’s interracial relationship.

Cue the private eye, and an onstage murder

Cleo won’t take the threats seriously, but LeMarvis hires Private Investigator Carlos McCrary to provide security for Cleo’s Summer Fun Concert Tour. At the tour’s first stop, a backup singer with a dangerous past is murdered onstage by a sniper. Was the bullet meant for Cleo?

Murder on tour

Despite Carlos’s urging, Cleo refuses to cancel the tour, even as more bodies pile up on the tour’s journey across Florida. In Jacksonville, the stakes are raised when the killer tires of Carlos interfering with his quest to do “God’s work.”

What is Cleo hiding? Has the yesterday she thought she’d escaped finally found her?

With the killer outsmarting Carlos and the cops at every turn, has Carlos finally met his match? Will he wind up taking a knife to a gunfight?

Quotes from Yesterday's Trouble:

Her sky-blue slacks and shirt matched her eyes. She didn’t look like a country singer, even if her accent came from the rural South. I heard weathered Appalachian Mountains and tall trees in her voice. Perhaps she was out of uniform today. No rhinestone shirt or fancy boots.
At first glance, she seemed as frail as a wet tissue, but something about the way she spoke told me she was as tough as my old army boots.
“You Carlos McCrary?” she demanded.

“Yes, ma’am. At your service.” I felt tempted to salute. Instead, I handed her a business card. Maybe I should add a US flag logo on the card.
“Andy’s a Good Old Country Boy. Born in West Virginia, learned to love country music at his daddy’s knee—or his momma’s. Both parents play the fiddle, but they’re amateurs. His parents wanted Andy to go to auto mechanic school like his dad. Andy dropped out of vocational school and came to Nashville to be a drummer, do drugs, and get laid. In that order.”
“Don’t do anything you don’t want to see on the eleven o’clock news and on YouTube forever.”
“Protection duty is a bitch. I gotta play defense the whole time and be 100 percent perfect. The bad guy has to get lucky once, like at that concert.”

Yesterday's Trouble, published in September 2017, has received 50 reader reviews with 4.3 stars on Amazon and 28 ratings on Goodreads with 4.5 stars as of 7 Sep 2023. Read Reviews...

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