Quarterback Trap (book 3)
A Carlos McCrary, Private Investigator, Mystery Thriller

Super Bowl Week is supposed to be fun, right?
One mafia boss sees a way to make a killing…
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The Jets and the Cowboys are playing in the first Super Bowl in Port City’s new billion-dollar stadium. My old friend Bob Martinez, is starting quarterback for the Jets.

A week before the game, Bob’s supermodel fiancée, Graciela, disappears from the headquarters hotel. Bob hires me to find her but won’t let me involve the cops.

That same day the odds on the Super Bowl game explode when someone bets $100,000,000 on the Cowboys to beat the point spread.

Was Graciela really kidnapped, or did she run away from a twisted secret that threatens her life? And what is Bob struggling so hard to keep me from finding out?

My search leads me from the dangerous streets of a Port City ghetto to the private island mansions of billionaires, movie stars, and crime bosses. When I start to untangle the web of lies and corruption, one crime boss decides to get serious.

As serious as a funeral—mine.

Quotes from Quarterback Trap :

Beneath the desk, I pointed the Glock at Orsinati’s private parts… If either of them pointed a gun at me, I would aim low and shoot through the thin desk panel. I might not kill Orsinati, but I could make him sing soprano.
“If I’ve learned anything in thirty years in the hotel business, it’s that things you hope won’t come out, always do. Always.”
“I’ve got an idea how someone… could fix the Super Bowl game, and it scares the hell out of me.”
“What’s your big, dark secret that has you so spooked you won’t let me call the cops?” I sat across from my client, my friend, and waited. And waited. And waited.
She appraised me like I was a race horse at a stud auction.

Quarterback Trap, published in February 2015, has received 80 reader reviews with 4.3 stars on Amazon and 48 ratings on Goodreads with 4.2 stars as of 7 Sep 2023. Read Reviews...

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