McCrary’s Justice (book 6)
A Carlos McCrary, Private Investigator, Mystery Thriller

A missing teenage daughter held as a sex slave…
A mysterious foreign diplomat who uses diplomatic immunity like a get-out-of-jail-free card…
The case that has Carlos McCrary fighting his own demons as well as the bad guys…
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The remarkable Carlos McCrary takes readers on a thrill ride in McCrary’s Justice, his most explosive novel yet.

Nebraska farmer Wilbur Jenkins receives three cryptic text messages from his missing daughter, Liz, claiming that she is held captive as a sex slave in Port City, Florida, the sun-splashed metropolis in South Florida. Jenkins grabs the next flight to Port City and begs the cops to find his daughter. But Wilbur Jenkins admits that Liz left home of her own free will, and the text messages came from the cell phone of Antonio Crucero, a mysterious diplomat from the Caribbean island Republic of San Cristobal. How would Liz have gotten access to a diplomat’s phone? Crucero’s diplomatic immunity protects him—and his cellphone—from investigation by U.S. law officers, and he refuses to cooperate with the police.

With no proof of an actual kidnapping and few clues in the text messages, police detective Jorge Castellano sends the distraught father to Carlos McCrary.

Carlos “Chuck” McCrary is a wisecracking private investigator with a special genius for helping people in trouble, like when he cleared Jorge Castellano from a bogus murder charge and saved his life and his career (Double Fake, Double Murder, Carlos McCrary novel book 2). A former Green Beret and police detective, McCrary left the Port City Police so he could do the right thing for people without worrying about trivialities like “due process” and “reasonable cause.”

In the search for Liz Jenkins, McCrary uncovers a cesspool of sexual slavery and drug trafficking that stretches from South Florida to Switzerland to the Caribbean. And Crucero has his fingers all over the operation.

Crucero’s diplomatic status protects him from the reach of U.S. law, but it won’t protect him from Carlos McCrary. McCrary has his own brand of justice and sets out to destroy Crucero any way he can—diplomatic immunity be damned.

From South Florida’s golden beaches to a Caribbean vacation paradise, from Coconut Grove to the Florida Everglades, McCrary’s Justice slices like a machete through a treacherous jungle of sexual predators, drug cartels, and new and fearsome enemies. Carlos McCrary maneuvers inside the gangs and outside the law to bring down the criminal enterprise and visit his justice upon its mastermind.

Combining an intricate puzzle of a plot and an exciting pursuit of justice, Dallas Gorham puts Carlos McCrary through his paces and send readers on a white-knuckle ride that circles back to McCrary’s own home, where he must confront the worst nightmare he could imagine.

Quotes from McCrary’s Justice:

My office phone rang. “Are you the guy who shot that crooked cop?”
“I prefer to accentuate the positive and say I rescued a woman whom the crooked cop had kidnapped,” I answered modestly.
As I sampled my yummy club soda, a six-foot blonde piece of arm candy walked into the bar wearing tropical sandals and a gold outfit. The neckline plunged to her waist and revealed the best cleavage money could buy. Miss Cleavage parted the crowd proudly with her chest as she strutted over to Crucero and presented her cheek to be kissed.
Technology makes a PI’s life easier when you ignore inconvenient privacy laws.
As I stepped inside, the alarm system beeped. The alarm would go off in forty-five seconds. I found the keypad beside the door. Enter code flashed on the screen. It’s incredible how many people use 1-2-3-4 as their alarm code. If that failed I had forty more seconds to try Crucero’s birth year, his birthday, then the apartment number.
If those failed, I would run like a scalded dog.
The Colt M1911A1 muzzle he leveled at me measured .45 inches in diameter. Pointed between my eyes, it looked black as a cavern and big as a cannon.

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