I’m no hero
A Carlos McCrary Special Forces Suspense Thriller

Was the Afghan boy asking for help? Or leading them into an ambush?
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On a clear night in June 2006, Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha 777, the Triple Seven, gets their mission: Free an Afghan mountain village from a ruthless Taliban blockade which is starving the people to death. The village’s crime? They educated girls in the village school.

A courageous young boy from the village sneaks through the hot summer night to escape the Taliban blockade. He runs ten miles barefooted to get help, arriving at an Afghan National Army garrison with bloody feet. He seeks the help of Afghan Major Ibrahim Malik. But Malik knows that his ANA small force is no match for the well-armed Taliban terrorists. Malik and the boy come to the Green Berets of the Triple Seven for help.

The Taliban have a larger force, heavily armed with Kalashnikov AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenades. The Americans must rely on their equipment, their training, and themselves.

This is a story of Sergeant Carlos “Chuck” McCrary, a Mexican-American Green Beret, and his team of soldiers who risk their lives to save two thousand Afghan townspeople they have never even met. Chuck and his fellow Special Forces soldiers live the motto: “We own the night.” They set off in the darkness to defeat the Taliban and break the blockade. But when the soldiers of the Triple Seven don their night vision goggles and show up in the dark hours to liberate the village, they are surprised and outnumbered by an ambush of heavily-armed Taliban terrorists.

The soldiers of Team Triple Seven must fight for their lives, or the villagers won’t be the only ones the Taliban wipe out.

Quotes from I’m no hero:

Torres laughed. “Boss don’t trust nobody; you know that. ‘Be polite. Be professional. But always have a plan to kill everyone you meet as quickly as possible.”
“My instructor at Fort Benning used to say, ‘Wars are God’s way of teaching geography to Americans.”
McCrary drew a bead on the hostile’s chest. Easy squeezy, nice and easy, he reminded himself. Just like a turkey shoot back home. The M249 barked and jumped, and the turbaned fighter tumbled backwards onto another body.
“No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.”
Ghar Mesar had been home to two thousand people peacefully tending their animals and orchards—and their [opium] poppies. After all, this was Afghanistan. Then the Taliban invaded like a plague of demons.

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