Double Fake, Double Murder (book 2)
A Carlos McCrary, Private Investigator, Mystery Thriller

Lots of people want this scumbag dead, but one of them is a cop...
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Mob boss Garrison Franco is gunned down in the street, and the police think they know who did it—Jorge Castellano, one of their own homicide detectives whose wife had been threatened by Franco. Castellano claims he’s been framed and pleads with private investigator Chuck McCrary to find the real killer.

Chuck discovers a mysterious teenager who ran away from an abusive foster home who may have the witnessed the murder. But the boy doesn’t trust anyone and won’t tell Chuck what he saw. Chuck must gain the boy’s trust before he can solve the crime.

Chuck’s prime suspect is Ted Smoot, a disgraced, former police detective and convicted blackmailer, now out of jail and plying his trade again. With shameful secrets and millions of dollars at stake, three of Smoot’s super rich victims try to hire Chuck to kill Smoot. He refuses, but days later Smoot is found shot to death with Chuck’s gun. Chuck is arrested for murder.

Now Chuck must not only find out who killed Franco and framed his friend Castellano for the murder, but must solve the new murder or face a lifetime in prison himself. His efforts to untangle the web of fabricated evidence in both murders take him from the crime-filled streets of a South Florida ghetto to the waterfront mansions and condos of the mega wealthy in pursuit of the mysterious and elusive killers.

Chuck must deal with millionaires and billionaires on the one hand and hoodlums and drug dealers on the other.

Quotes from Double Fake, Double Murder:

“…we don’t think of ourselves as rich. We say that we’re comfortable. People who are comfortable have enough money to do practically anything. But they don’t have enough money to do nothing.”

“My husband’s family is super-rich. He has so much money, he could buy a small Central American country. He could do anything or nothing.”
“Mother raised me with the idea that it’s as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor one—easier in fact, since you can overlook so many faults.”
“It’s amazing how much smarter you and I get when our consumption of alcohol increases.”
“He couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the directions were printed on the heel.”
She sipped her beer. She was on her first beer, and it was the eighth inning. Terry obviously knew nothing about the game’s hallowed traditions.

Double Fake, Double Murder, published in September 2014, has received 40 reader reviews with 4.3 average stars on Amazon as of 21 Jan 2020. Read Reviews...

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