Day of the Tiger (book 5)
A Carlos McCrary, Private Investigator, Mystery Thriller

It is better to live for one day as a tiger than to live for a thousand years as a sheep. —Tibetan Proverb
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Opposites attract, right? Tank Tyler is a mega-wealthy investment manager and Pro Football Hall of Famer. Al Rice, a victim of drugs and self-pity, has been a miserable failure since being kicked off the football team years ago. The two men share a sordid secret that ruined Al’s life and turned Tank’s dreams into nightmares for sixteen years, in spite of his success—a secret that still entangles the lives of these polar opposites.

Now Monster Moffett, a sadistic loan shark who once mangled Al’s hand with a ball-peen hammer when he couldn’t repay his loan, again targets Al. Moffett even threatens Al’s mother, Doraleen Rice. When Doraleen begs Tank for help, he hires private investigator Chuck McCrary to protect both Doraleen and Al.

Chuck exposes a human sex trafficking ring and forced prostitution in the sleazy world of high-priced “Gentlemen’s Clubs”—a world where Chuck will need more than brawn, balls, and bullets to sort out this mess.

Moffett kidnaps Doraleen Rice to hold as collateral for her son’s debt. Chuck uncovers Moffett’s hideout, but he can’t wait for the FBI. With gun in hand, he invades the heavily-armed gang’s stronghold alone, but he hasn’t counted on facing a knife-wielding African warrior. Now he faces deadly odds of ever seeing the light of day.

Quotes from Day of the Tiger:

“The FBI obeys the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, even with scumbags; I don’t.”
“What am I supposed to do, psychoanalyze him? Read his aura? Adjust his chakras? I’m a poor dumb private investigator with a room-temperature IQ. Performing a personality transplant is outside my area of expertise.”
He was over six feet tall and muscled with bulk built by countless low-weight repetitions. I call them “show muscles.” They weren’t working muscles like a boxer develops when he spars and exercises for months. That was good enough for a strip club bouncer and sufficient for ninety-nine percent of the people he encountered. I was the other one percent.
Her nipple ring was decorated with rhinestones. Like I might not notice.
I remembered the advice of an instructor in Special Forces. “Always be polite and respectful, but make a plan to kill everyone in the room if necessary.”

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